Computers are some of the strongest tools for media creation that I know. I have always had a passion for design and creating new things. That passion led me to a career in Web design which has branched out into many different facets of computer technologies. I have made it a personal and professional goal to continue to learn all that I can about computers and what they are capable of. Technology allows us to express ourselves in ways that previously were not possible. Some artists are good with pencils and paintbrush, while I am good with technology. I have always found ease in tech and learning to use it in unique ways.led

Learning and building on past knowledge is key to becoming a better professional in the tech world. Skills learned through the Adobe suite can be used in print processes and 3D model development. Software that builds complex 3D structures can be uniquely used to build art and logos for a client’s specific wants and needs. It’s important to me to make sure my clients are happy and I take the initiative to suggest new and more efficient ways to do things to ensure a quality and timely product.