Web Development

Custom code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, deep understanding of file structure layout and debugging skills.

Working knowledge of MySql Databases is used in both WordPress and independently programmed websites. Including building, interacting with, and editing existing databases.

Web Builder Programs: WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and Wix. Along with knowing how to use CPanel and FTP client connections to work within the file structures of the web builders. I use custom code when needed with web builders in order to change and augment small details that otherwise would be impossible to change without knowledge of the programming languages stated above.

Typical requests: Debugging website errors such as 404 and 500 internal server errors. PHP errors typically require work within the file structure of a site, meaning diving into the raw code of the web page to determine missing data and corrupt packets.

Web Design requires trust between the client and the designer. Typically, working on a website means working with people’s personal data, which is why it is important to me to keep a proper line of communication open with my clients and explain to them exactly what I will be doing and what aspects of their website I need to access and work on.

3D Modeling/Rendering

Programs in use: Autodesk Maya and 3DMax (render engine Vray)

Usages: 3D Logos, 3D Models for video games and animations. Representational renders of buildings or sample products to show clients,

Autodesk’s Maya and 3DMax are top of the line industry standard programs used by professional animation and game studies to bring the best quality work to their customers and that is exactly why I use them. I have used 3D modeling more and more in the past few years and see a big jump in the desire for 3D animation and design in future business. The construction industry is moving into a more visual field and is using my 3D work for project proposals all over Florida and the eastern United States. 3D design and animation can help show a potential investor that you are serious about your goals and will allow them to see a proper example of your ideas in a 3D environment. Works can be displayed in multiple ways. The most popular being websites, 3D goggles, and video. 3D can bring you ideas into reality.


You can also find some of my modeling work on display at www.southdadeskiffs.com

Drone Pilot

I hold an FAA Part 107 Drone pilots license that allows me to fly unmanned aircraft for commercial use. Use cases include: land and bridge surveys, aerial photography, residential roof inspections, crop management, videography, 3D structural scans, and photogeometric debris/dirt pile measurements. 

Logo / Custom artwork

Program of use: Adobe Illustrator

A large part of making a website or business stand out is custom designs for the company or web pages. Logos are specifically desired as a way to set yourself apart from the competition and be seen as a more professional business. A good logo says to your customers that you care about your image and therefore care about your business and its success. Commonly asked for designs are custom widgets/icons, buttons, and background art.

Photography / Videography

Editing software used: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Equipment: Cannon T6i Rebel DSLR, Fluid head video tripod, Dolly rail, and HD DSL Mic

Many websites and businesses rely on high-quality custom photography to bring a more professional look to their website. Header videos and large HD header images are becoming more and more common in today’s web design practices. Being both a photographer and a web designer allows me to produce a better quality product for you. No time is wasted reaching out and communicating between designer and photographer for missing files or re-shoots. As the designer, I know the file size and quality required for your specific needs so that the job gets done right in a timely manner.